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The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

There are thousands of companies that employ or sub-contract drivers to deliver their services to customers and to the public. More and more of these businesses use online checking services to help them safeguard and protect their business, employees and customers. Latest DVLA information available showed 1.7 Million checks were provided by commercial providers of electronic driving licence checking in 2014. Employers have a Duty of Care to ensure their drivers are entitled to drive and are not in a position to risk the reputation of the business, cause unnecessary road accidents or worse!

What is FORS?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an accreditation scheme that aims to improve fleet activity in London and throughout the UK.

FORS is open to any company operating a fleet including vans, lorries, mini-buses and coaches.

Theo de Pencier, the Chief Executive of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) said: “The FORS process of accreditation and continuous improvements makes sound business sense, and gives customers peace of mind that the organisation they contract with take safety and compliance seriously. The added benefit of accident reduction and public recognition of high standards means the potential to stand out from others when competing for new business.”

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is a method of recognising fleet operations which comply with requirements set by FORS. The standard is based upon lawfulness, safety, efficiency, and environmental protection. Fleet operator’s operations are audited against the requirements of the standard by an approved certification body.

The standards cover: management, vehicles, drivers and operations. To become FORS accredited you must prove that you meet the criteria set out in the standards.

Discounted Offer (FORS Members Only)

Driver risk assessment is one of the elements that the standards cover. GBG work with over 200 FORS members helping them to check their drivers entitlement to drive and to ensure they’re not disqualified and have up to date documentation. As part of the ‘associate member’ community we also offer discounted fees which are only applicable to FORS members.

*Must quote FORS number.

For more information on FORS click here.