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Driving licence checks

Driving licence checks confirm if a person is entitled to drive and which categories of vehicle they can drive.  If you employ people who drive for work it is your responsibility to ensure they are entitled to drive and hold the necessary driving licence.

When to carry out driving licence checks

When to carry out driving licence checks will depend on the type of job but generally you should check driving licences;

AdvancedCheck electronic driving licence service can help you ensure you check often enough to meet your obligations as an employer but also to minimise your risk.  We apply a risk based formula to the frequency of driving licence checks.

Electronic driving licence checks with AdvancedCheck

Electronic driving licence checks are conducted with the source authority the DVLA so you can be sure of the most accurate and recent information about the driving licence.  This includes;

The benefits of electronic driving licence checks

Driving licence checks conducted electronically have a number of benefits for employers;

Save time and improve operational efficiency

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