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Driving licence checking for insurers

Driving licence checking for insurers will confirm your customer’s entitlement to drive.

What is driving licence checking for insurers?

Driving licence checking for insurers is carried out directly with the source authority the DVLA.  It will;

A insurer wishing to carry out a driving licence check requires the permission of the driver.

Why carry out driving licence checking

Driving licence checking for insurers will validate the individual’s entitlement to drive and that they continue to be covered under the policy you provide. 

A driving licence check will reduce the risk of fraudulent claims and payments made as a result.

Completed overnight, a driving licence check is quick and easy.  The alternative is to manually check a copy of a customers’ driving licence.  This takes time and is open to fraud and misinterpretation.

Benefits of driving licence checking for insurers

Driving licence checking at the point of an insurance claim provides your business with accurate information about an individual’s entitlement to drive.   The benefits of this are;

Driving licence checking is part of AdvancedCheck’s SureCheck solution which is provided in partnership with our parent company GB Group.  For more information call 0141 354 8854.