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Caerphilly County Borough Council take a pro-active approach to driving licence checking

Posted on by advancedcheck

Caerphilly County Borough Council takes a pro-active approach to ensure their drivers are licensed and insured with electronic driving licence checking services from AdvancedCheck

Caerphilly County Borough Council (CCBC) employs 1,400 drivers and its fleet of vehicles includes; cars, panel vans; tippers; minibuses; refuse trucks, road gritters, & other municipal vehicles.  Drivers account for 15% of its workforce.

Caerphilly CBC decided to make driving licence checking the responsibility of the fleet management team instead of individual line managers, although line managers would be made aware of any driver where there is a potential problem that would restrict him/her from driving.   For the fleet management team to successfully manage driving licence entitlement an electronic service was required, confirming details against DVLA records. 

Moving to an electronic driving licence checking service would save time and paper while reducing human error and the associated risk of a manual process.  The service would be required to demonstrate that the council meets its ‘duty of care’ obligations and does everything possible to mitigate the risk of un-licensed drivers. 

Caerphilly CBC contacted AdvancedCheck and four other driving licence checking service providers. They evaluated all systems based on; service, ease of use, cost and fit for purpose.  AdvancedCheck’s driving licence checking service was chosen because the secure online system was easy to use and provided a level of information that was of value to the team.  The service received from AdvancedCheck during the trial was excellent, as was their knowledge about driving licence checking.  The AdvancedCheck service represented value for money.

Using the electronic driving licence checking service Caerphilly CBC can not only see if a driving licence is valid but also view endorsements, restrictions and those on short term licences.(though details are not disclosed to AdvancedCheck or the employer) plus category, photocard, and licence start and end dates for each driver – all in one search.  Using this information the fleet management team can confirm a driver’s entitlement to drive a particular vehicle and ensure they are covered under the Council’s insurance. 

Caerphilly CBC fleet management team pro-actively manage their fleet.  Employees are sent a reminder when their cards or a category is about to expire.  This helps drivers keep their licences up-to-date and valid.  Managing the drivers in this way helps to keep Caerphilly CBC’s fleet of vehicles moving to full capacity – vital to maintain its services especially in winter months were demand for vehicles can be greater.

Fleet Manager at Caerphilly County Borough Council said;

“There are so many areas that can affect a driver’s eligibility to drive I wouldn’t want any of my team to be solely responsible for manually checking a driving licence.  Using the electronic driving licence checking service from AdvancedCheck gives us the information to make informed decisions about an employee’s eligibility to drive, allowing us to ensure, as far is reasonably practicable that all our drivers are licensed and insured. 

This includes spotting fraudulent or duplicate licences but in the majority of cases it helps to keep employees and the Council right by highlighting irregularities that can be rectified before they become a problem.

The team at AdvancedCheck are very approachable and the whole experience has been positive.  Their support in getting our drivers behind the scheme was invaluable.   We use the information given in the solution to take a pro-active approach to driver management which has helped us improve road safety in the county.

Contact us for more information about our driving licence checking service or call 0141 354 8854.