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Improving road safety

Posted on by advancedcheck

This week is Road Safety Awareness Week.  Road Safety Awareness Week is an initiative of Brake together with communities and companies across the UK to improve road safety.  Brake believes road crashes are not road accidents. They are preventable and must be stopped.   

This year’s overall theme is “slower speeds = happy people”.  The G20 campaign encourages communities to adopt a 20 mile speed limit and promote this to drivers so they drive under 20 miles an hour.

Other campaigns include Wake Up for Work to increase awareness of accidents caused by tiredness and inform drivers of the steps they can take to avoid tiredness.

Did you know?

All employers have a duty of care to their employees to safeguard them against accidents.  Regardless, improving Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility so that we can all enjoy the world we live in. 

Using AdvancedCheck to confirm your employees are correctly licenced for the vehicle they drive limits the risk your employees pose to the public and your business.  Your company’s HR Policies, personal development and company culture can also help to make our roads safer by encouraging safe driving within the law. 

Regular reviews of the online driver information system will show you the most up to date list of endorsements.  This way you can use the online driver information system to proactively improve road safety through training and polices;

How many drivers have a licence code 01 where they are required to wear corrective lenses whilst driving? Do you provide any financial support for this?

Regularly checking endorsements, licence validity and categories is not intended to monitor your staff or show your distrust.  The most honest people can make mistakes and forget to pass on information.  

Road Safety Awareness Week only lasts a week but it should feature in your business all year round.  By taking time now to review your processes you could improve road safety all year round. 

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