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The Threat of Revoked Licences

Posted on by advancedcheck

It is quite possible for a driver in the UK to have their driving licence revoked without them knowing anything about it. That’s the situation facing thousands of motorists across the country that have failed to keep their address information up to date with the DVLA and so may never receive notifications from them about intended prosecutions or changes to their licence status.

Take the case of a driver who has moved house and has not yet informed the DVLA about their new address. If they were to be caught by a speed camera and receive a penalty or commit another driving offence that carried penalty points, the DVLA would write to them at their last known address and request they return their licence in order for it to be updated.

Up until 2010 this concessionary period was one year, but now a driver has only 28 days to do this, after which their licence will be revoked, making it illegal for them to drive at all. There are also cases where, due to invalid address information, registered owners of vehicles have failed to return a notice of intended prosecution within the allowed timescales. Even if they were not driving the vehicle at the time of the offence, they could still be liable for the fine and six penalty points themselves.

Employers have no reason to distrust their employees when presented with their driving licence but when an estimated 1.8million people move home each year how many of your employees are driving on an outdated licence because they haven’t updated their details with the DVLA yet? Don’t also forget those people who change their name through dead poll, marriage, divorce or civil partnership.