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Lenham Storage moves to electronic driving licence checks just in time

Posted on by advancedcheck

Checking the driving licences for their fleet of 120 drivers was proving to be a time consuming task for Lenham Storage until they adopted the electronic licence checking services of AdvancedCheck. In addition to extended time scales, the visual checks previously carried out by Lenham’s HR team also carried the risk of being inaccurate due to the potential presentation of outdated licences.

The adoption of AdvancedCheck proved to be a quick and easy process. With all staff completing a consent form, valid for 3 years, Lenham Storage can now carry out electronic checks directly against DVLA data and operate their fleet safe in the knowledge that all their driving licence information is up to date and accurate.

Lenham provides storage and distribution services to many of the UK’s best-known grocery, beverage and FMCG businesses, so having confidence in their staff’s entitlement to drive is paramount. In addition they also need to ensure they are fulfilling their obligations under corporate governance regulations by checking licences every six months.

By implementing AdvancedCheck, Lenham Storage can now verify the entitlement to drive of all their drivers in minutes. There is no need to copy and store licence documents manually and the proactive alert service provided by AdvancedCheck gives them confidence that any high risk situations will be brought to their attention quickly.

Steve Phibbs, Director of Risk Management at Lenham Storage said

“AdvancedCheck saves me months I previously spent checking licences manually. I have confidence that all our drivers are entitled to drive and the information supports driver training and compliance for fleet insurance”

Since adopting the AdvancedCheck service the company now it find easier to report back to their fleet insurer and premiums have remained competitive.

Companies like Lenham Storage face more challenging checking requirements in early 2013, when new European driving licence categories are introduced for commercial drivers, some of which will require renewal every 5 years. Under this new legislation, manual checking is likely to become even more complicated and the benefits of electronic checking will be something many more companies will be looking to take advantage of.

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